HVAC UV Light can heal and clean all your worries

Don’t choke your family with the contamination of your home’s ventilation system. Shine a light to all the disgust stuck in your heating and air exhausts with an HVAC Disinfectant & HVAC UV Light.

How can an HVAC UV light help your disinfection strategies without sacrificing standard and quality of your anti-contamination measures?

Introducing UVHeal™ SafeAir Ultra-Violet (UVC) Air Disinfection for Central Air Conditioning from Airific Systems Pvt Ltd.

HVAC UV light
HVAC UV light

Some of advantages we get using this air disinfection systems are:

  • Ultraviolet rays can kill many harmful microorganisms by deactivating their genetic material
  • Coil sterilization prevents dust, mold or bacteria to accumulate on the coil
  • Air sterilization kills the microbes in the air and has proven to kill Covid viruses as well
  • It can be quickly installed and fixed
  • You can use customized systems for client specific decontamination
  • You can save energy up to 30 percent
  • Reliable and completely safe Commercial UV System
  • Seamless integration between AHU & Controller
  • Automatic system shutdown through our intelligent controllers
  • BMS Integration with dedicated Mobile App Control System
  • Corrosion-resistant light-weight Aluminium and stainless steel
  • Sight Glass Assembly enables visual inspection of the lamp

Places where you can find UVheal personalized disinfection systems

  • Offices- a common HVAC systems requires frequent cleaning to maintain employee satisfaction
  • Shopping complexes- fastest way to get sick is to visit shopping complexes and requires UVheal
  • Hospitals- disinfection is essential for any hospital in the world
  • Hotels- Hotels require a perfect ambience to get regular and happy customers.

Based on the size and other requirements, there are models assigned for each condition.

Available Models

  1. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-1-###-230
  2. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-2-###-230
  3. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-3-###-230
  4. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-4-###-230
  5. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-5-###-230
  6. UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-6-###-230

After winning numerous awards and with a client base ranging from EY, AIRTEL, WALMART, BRITANNIA, COMCAST, MITSUBISHI and TBZ, Airfic systems have turned out to be the leaders in the industry of  disinfection systems.

HVAC UV Light can heal and clean all your worries

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