UV Heal Safe Air Provide Best Technology (UVC) Air Disinfection for Central Air Conditioning

Everyone Deserves to
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and mold/fungus within seconds
  • No formation of by-products hazardous to health
  • Easy installation into new or existing ducts or AHUs
  • Modular design to fit any duct size
  • Simple handling, Low maintenance & operating costs
  • Highest level of operational reliability
UV disinfection system
UV disinfection system
Air disinfection
Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems
UV air disinfection systems

UV Heal™ SafeAir

All our models are modular in design and can be customized for specific client needs. Our UV experts have developed a simulation tool that can design your system precisely to your required disinfection needs.

Once we determine the UV dosage required, then we select the appropriate size and number of lamps, tailored to solve the problem

Available Models
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-1-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-2-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-3-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-4-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-5-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir UVH-LD/SD-6-###-230
  • UVHeal™ SafeAir Customized
UV Air Duct Disinfection

Advanced simulation tools which allow us to design customized systems. Easy configuration as per clients’ needs.

Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection

Requirement based UV Dosage which allows our clients to save up to 30%* on power consumption.

UV Air Duct Disinfection

System performance information and control through the mobile app or BMS integration. Built-in safety with automated shutdown control.

Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection

Certified installers with provision to install the system quickly in existing/new ducts with literally no downtime

Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems

Simple & inexpensive process with no chemical usage for disinfection. If properly installed, no possibility of UV exposure.

Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems

A non-intrusive, central solution that is useful on its own or in combination with filtration done at the AHU level.

How it Works
UVHeal™ SafeAir

The process for UVC air disinfection essentially involves a short-wave Ultraviolet (UV-C) light to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms into the irradiated region of the UV disinfection device. The UV air sanitising system purifies the air and eliminates the danger of airborne infection, which is a major cause of many deadly diseases. We provide you with customised air disinfection solutions based on your requirements.

UV Air Duct Disinfection - Corporate Offices Corporate
Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection - Hotel Hotels
Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems - Hospital Hospitals
UV Air Duct Disinfection - Shopping Shopping
Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection - Housing Complexes Housing

UVHeal™ SafeAir Installation Process

  • UVheal SafeAir™ system can either be installed in the supply side plenum or the supply side duct right after the plenum.
  • Depending on the site conditions, there is a provision to install the system fully enclosed inside the duct
  • The system can be easily and quickly installed by our certified installers. There is no downtime required.
  • The system integrates to various sensors through our controllers.
  • The system can be integrated with AHU operations, AHU room access control and/or Building BMS
Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection

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In today's polluted and infected environment everyone desires safe and clean air. In enclosed areas such as offices, malls, restaurants, and cinema halls, stale and polluted air containing pathogens is circulated. Due to this microorganisms get transferred from an infected person to a healthy person. These microorganisms cause respiratory diseases. Thus UV Air Duct Disinfection is required regularly for enclosed areas. Many companies install UV air disinfection systems to provide clean and safe air to their customers and employees.

The moulds and microorganisms multiply in the HVAC systems. To remove pathogens from the air many companies use Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems. However, most of these systems are expensive, inefficient, and require troublesome installation.

UVHeal SafeAir by Airific Systems is a safe and efficient way to get a clean and safe environment at a low cost. It is the best Ultraviolet disinfection system that can be integrated with existing or new HVAC ducts. They can be installed easily in any duct size. The main aim of UVHeal SafeAir is to make clean air accessible to all.

This highest quality Ultraviolet disinfection is only provided by UVHeal SafeAir. It uses filterless clean air technology to provide clean air at no extra charge. No hazardous by-products are formed. No downtime is required as the expert installers install it in no time. UVHeal SafeAir is safer than all the other methods of air purification. This is a highly reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly product.

How does UV disinfection work?

UV light is used in a number of disinfection systems owing to a particular range of its wavelength being germicidal. This characteristic enables UV light to destroy microorganisms such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses present in the indoor AC air. Ultraviolet air sanitizing systems technology is a preferred choice for several systems as it is absolutely chemical-free. The UV light disables the harmful microorganisms present in the AC air as it has an extremely effective bactericidal effect. The airborne microorganisms’ DNA absorbs the UVC, and as a result, their structure gets destroyed. It also inactivates the live cells of harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast within seconds.

Are UV disinfection systems effective?

UV air duct disinfection technology is highly advanced and an extremely effective method of killing harmful and deadly pathogens present in the indoor AC air. It is highly reliable and extremely environmental friendly as it doesn’t use any chemicals to kill the viruses and bacteria. It doesn’t form any hazardous by-products and hence is extremely safe. Moreover, UV air disinfection systems renders the pathogens incapable of reproducing and multiplying. Hence, it effectively stops the infection and the spread of communicable diseases in the long term.

What are applications for ultraviolet air disinfection?

Ultraviolet disinfection system - The UV air disinfection can be used in the centralized AC system of any public place that witnesses huge footfalls throughout the day.

The centralized AC keeps on circulating the interior air through its air handling unit. This causes the contaminated air breathed out by an infected person to get circulated in the entire premises. This puts the health of the non-infected people at risk as they breathe the same air.

This fact makes Ultraviolet Indirect Air Disinfection a must for places like hospitals, corporate buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, movie theaters, hotels, and school and colleges.