A history on common and hospital disinfection

Most of the commoners from the middle ages used to believe that diseases and pestilence was a result created by demons, evil spirits and mythological creatures. Pseudo scientific measures were taken in order to tackle such wide spread issues. Commercial UV Systems were made based on pure speculation.

Hospital UV disinfection

Hospital UV disinfection is an invention from the last century. Although we have come a long way from using herbal products to sterilize our products and our environment, it is important to know the evolution of disinfectants around the world.

Cost of UV disinfection system
Cost of UV disinfection system

So what is the history of common and hospital disinfections?

  • 3000-2000 BC: – Egyptians used pitch, tar, resins, aromatics, common salt, and niter for preservations and sterilizations.
  • 2000-1000 BC: – sulfur and other burning chemicals were used to treat battle wounds and other infections.
  • 1000- 200 AD: – wine, boiled water, philosophy and boiled instruments were used to treat diseases.
  • 900-1500 AD: – vinegar fumes, sulfur fumes, arsenic, burning straw, antimony and arsenic were used to treat infections, air pollution and other diseases.
  • 17th -18th century: – using digester to use steam to purify air and other objects.
  • Late 17th century:- invention of early microscope
  • Late 18th century: – surgical gloves were made with organic products, and meats or vegetables were canned.
  • 19th century: – value of hand washing and nail scrubbing was found out.
  • MID 19TH century: – Louis Pasteur finds pasteurization and detects germs in food items. Carbolic solution spray was also used to sterilize hands and wounds during an operation.
  • Late 19th century:- mercury chloride was used during operations
  • 20th century: – chrome plated containers, reusable textile filters and rubber gaskets were used for disinfection purposes.
  • Early 20th century: – ozone treatment was used in all European municipal water treatment.
  • Late 20th century: – air purifiers were discovered and used in all hospital settings.
  • 21st century: – UV hospital disinfection systems were used in housing, corporate and hospital sectors.
  • 2021:- Airfic systems came up with UVHeal air purifiers. Cost of uv light for air conditioner was significantly reduced with their innovations.

Cost of UV disinfection system

All UVHeal models are modular in design and can be customized for specific client needs. Our UV experts have developed a simulation tool that can design your system precisely to your required disinfection needs. Cost of UV disinfection system is not a major problem with our products.

Once we determine the UV dosage required, then we select the appropriate size and number of lamps, tailored to solve the problem.

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A history on common and hospital disinfection

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