UVGI Air Disinfectant

UVHeal SafeAir by Airific is a revolutionary product that has carved its niche among the leading names producing high-quality UVGI Air Disinfection Systems in India.

UVGI Germicidal Technology

UVHeal SafeAir employs the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation or UVGI - an effective method to disinfect and eliminate harmful pathogens and microorganisms from indoor air. UVGI Germicidal Technology employs UV-C or short-wavelength ultraviolet light to destroy airborne bacteria and viruses responsible for spreading infectious diseases from a single sick host to multiple healthy people. The UV-C rays effectively disable the harmful pathogens by destroying their DNA and hence blocking their reproduction.

UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

Propelled by pandemics and the spread of infectious diseases, many commercial spaces witnessing daily heavy footfalls have started to employ this cutting-edge technology to keep their premises free from deadly pathogens. This entire process has been made quite easy by simply installing a UVGI air disinfectant like UVHeal SafeAir in their centralised AC system. These systems can be easily fitted into the duct of the AC systems, and hence disinfect the air released by the AC into the indoor atmosphere right at its origin. UVHeal caters to the air disinfection needs of offices, hotels, restaurants, airports, schools & colleges, hospitals, and movie theatres.

UVGI Air Disinfectant

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What is UVGI germicidal technology?

UVGI Germicidal Technology - Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or UVGI uses short wave ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill microorganisms. It destroys the nucleic acid by disrupting their DNA. This leaves them unable to replicate.

What is the UVGI Air Disinfectant method?

UVGI Air Disinfectant - Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or UVGI germicidal technology is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet C light to kill or inactivate microorganisms. It destroys their DNA leaving them unable to replicate.

What is the effectiveness of UVGI Technology?

UVGI Air Disinfectant - UVGI germicidal technology is known to be effective to varying degrees in controlling the circulation of airborne microorganisms. This technology is widely and effectively used in the centralized AC systems in hospitals.