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Ultraviolet light air purifier

"Safe air" is the need of the hour. Regardless of the situation we are in, pandemic or no pandemic, we can not afford the infected air passing on to us. As a society, the majority of our lives are spent indoors, therefore it is essential for the air that we breathe to be safe and infection free. Airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold trigger a high level of healthcare problems. With central air conditioners installed in public places, there is a greater risk of breathing in infected air. This problem can be solved by installing our UVHeal SafeAir air purifier!

UVHeal Provide Latest Technology Air Disinfection Machine

A disinfectant air purifier that helps prevent the spreading of germs, and ensures safe air in public areas. UVHeal SafeAir is a trusted and reliable partner for your health. The hygiene of any area can be uplifted by getting a reduction in the level of microbes and endotoxins up to 99%. UVHeal SafeAir, an in-duct air purifier, is safe in its functioning and ensures continuous and efficient disinfection. UV disinfection treatments offer some crucial benefits over other chemical treatments, all our UVC products are 100% non-ozone products. UVC light in the UVGI air purifier penetrates into the cell structure of the microorganism while destroying its DNA structure and preventing it from replicating again.

Break the next germ web and breathe free!

Ultraviolet light air purifier

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Do UV air purifier really work?

Yes, a UV air purifier is the best source you can consider regardless of the area you are in. Killing the airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria as well as fungi, they help have a hygienic place while ensuring safety.

How Do UV Light Air Purifier Work?

Designed for specific needs, UV Light air Purifier is made up of corrosion-resistant lightweight aluminum and stainless steel working with an automatic system providing seamless integration between AHU and controller providing safe air to breathe fresh and free.

Is UV Light Safe to be used in an Air Purifier?

Yes, The ultraviolet light C type is perfectly beneficial for air purification and highly used in the air purifiers. The safelight penetrates the cell structure while destroying the DNA structure of the organism and keeps a healthy balance of the pollutants and the circulation of fresh air around you.