5 Reasons to Install UVHeal SafeAir in your Ducted Centralized Air Conditioning System

uv air disinfection unit

With the rising pollution levels, getting safe and breathable air is becoming a problem. People with respiratory disorders like asthma and sinus are the most affected by the lack of fresh and pure air. Constant congestion and headaches make their days less productive and affects their psyche. Lack of fresh air also leads to irritability and depression which in long-term affects all of us. After the outburst of the ongoing pandemic, the concerns about the lack of pure air have become even more prominent. Even though we can’t control the environmental factors outside of our homes, we can stay safe at least when indoors.

Air Disinfection

UV Disinfection unit - Airific has provided an effective solution to counter the problem of unsafe indoor air with one of their latest products. UVHeal SafeAir by Airific is a UV air disinfection system. UV Disinfection technology is highly relevant when it comes to destroying pathogens present in the AC air disinfection unit. We all are aware of the advantages of sunlight and UV rays as it kills all the harmful bacteria and viruses. UVHeal destroys the airborne pathogens in the indoor air and purifies and disinfects it. It is a UV disinfection system that can be easily installed in your existing HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) system.

Why should one install UV Heal Safe Air in their centralized AC system?

  • Best UV disinfection system - It kills bacteria, viruses and mold/fungus within seconds
  • There is no formation of any hazardous by-products
  • It has a modular design, so it’s easy to install into new or existing HVAC ducts, air disinfection
  • It’s simple in handling, very low in maintenance and involves low operating cost of UV disinfection system
  • It gives the highest level of operational reliability disinfection system
  • UV is used for disinfection

All these benefits are hard to find in a single ducted air disinfection that also ensures 360° protection of indoor air. With the increasing concerns about pollution and communicable infections and diseases, UVHeal SafeAir has become a must for every public and commercial place including airports, hotels, restaurants, offices or even schools.

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