About UVHeal™ SafeAir UV Air Duct Disinfection

  • Customized designs specifically made for your requirements
  • Modular units which can be installed quickly.
  • Easy installation into new or existing ducts or AHUs.
  • Corrosion-resistant light-weight Aluminium and stainless steel
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet process for air treatment
  • Sight Glass Assembly enables visual inspection of the lamp
  • Continuous disinfection stops the spread of airborne viruses
  • An efficient system with low maintenance & operating costs.
  • Automatic system shutdown through our intelligent controllers
  • Seamless integration between AHU & Controller
  • BMS Integration with dedicated Mobile App Control System
  • Cost of uv disinfection system
Air disinfection machine Cost of uv disinfection system

Product Applications

  • Residential, Commercial or Industrial Building HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) Systems
  • Contact us for assistance in choosing the appropriate configuration for your application

Product Description UVHeal™ SafeAir

All our models are modular in design and can be customized for specific client needs. Our UV experts have developed a simulation tool that can design your system precisely to your required disinfection needs. Once we determine the UV dosage required, then we select the appropriate size and number of lamps, tailored to solve the problem.

Cost of uv disinfection system UVH-LD/SD-1-###-230
Air disinfection machine UVH-LD/SD-2-###-230
Cost of uv disinfection system UVH-LD/SD-3-###-230
Air disinfection machine UVH-LD/SD-4-###-230
Cost of uv disinfection system UVH-LD/SD-5-###-230
Air disinfection machine UVH-LD/SD-6-###-230

What is a UV (Ultraviolet) disinfection system?

A UV disinfection system employs the technology of UVC to kill harmful pathogens in the air circulated through centralized AC systems and improves the quality of indoor air. This kind of air disinfection machine doesn’t use any chemicals and therefore doesn’t produce any harmful by-products during itrs operation.

What is the process of UV disinfection?

A UV disinfection employs as much UV dosage as required by the application. The indoor AC is passed by natural convection into the irradiated portion of the disinfection device. The air then passes through the UV rays from the germicidal lamps within the system destroying the harmful pathogens. The UV rays also destroy the genetic structure of the microorganisms rending them unable to reproduce.

How long a disinfection system takes to disinfect the indoor air?

An efficient UV disinfection system like UVHeal SafeAir destroys the deadly viruses and bacteria in the indoor AC air within seconds.