UVGI Technology – The Best Way to Kill Airborne Pathogens

The air quality these days falls under the ‘hazardous’ zone. If this trend continues, then safe air will soon become a luxury only reserved for the rich. This is a common misconception that by staying indoors we are keeping our lungs safe from hazardous pathogens or microorganisms.

Deadly viruses, bacteria, and fungi are not just present in the outdoor air but indoor air as well. These microorganisms cause communicable diseases that can be transferred from one person to the other. Confined spaces to the likes of offices, malls, schools, airports, colleges, etc. provide indoor air discharged through the air conditioner vents. These vents take the same indoor air and circulate it again and again inside the space, consequently transferring the microorganisms from a single sick person to a chain of healthy people. This leads to enhancing a wide variety of ailments like headaches, cold, running nose, flu, and even respiratory diseases. With the pandemic now being a part of our lives, there is a heightened danger of increasing its spread in this manner.


UV Heal Safe Air - UVGI Technology
UV Heal Safe Air – UVGI Technology

UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

Therefore, there is a serious need to disinfect and purify the indoor air. UVHeal SafeAir, a path-breaking UVGI Air Disinfectant created by Airific System Pvt. Ltd, has been designed to ensure clean and disinfected air in enclosed spaces. This outstanding innovation uses UVGI Germicidal Technology to combat the pathogens; UVGI Technology is the most efficient solution to destroy deadly pathogens right at the source of air circulation- the duct of the centralized AC system. Among several UVGI Air Disinfection Systems, UVHeal SafeAir has carved a separate niche for itself owing to its high effectiveness.

Safe Environment and Health With UV Heal Safeair

UVHeal SafeAir is a futuristic product that is easy to install and ensures zero harmful residues. It’s also safe for the environment and the health of the people as it doesn’t use any chemicals. It is also pocket-friendly and easy to maintain.


UVGI Technology – The Best Way to Kill Airborne Pathogens

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