An effective UV disinfection system for enclosed Commercial Spaces

Most of the commercial spaces such as the shopping malls, offices and restaurants etc., are getting ready to handle massive footfall after the government has announced the unlock, after the second wave of the Pandemic. To provide a better environment to their customers these enclosed areas are making relevant changes. Some are installing the HVAC or the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner to ensure that the customers get a comfortable environment. But as the country unlocks the air pollution would increase and the quality of indoor and outdoor air would continue to decline day by day. The factories, vehicles, and microorganisms are the factors that make the air unbreathable.

Best UV disinfection system

The HVAC systems circulate this polluted and infected air. Disinfection of this indoor air is the need of the hour in the current scenario. One of the best products to counter this problem is Airific Sytems’ UVHeal SafeAir. This revolutionary product is the best UV disinfection system that eliminates harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds present in the air. It is most suitable for enclosed areas such as shopping malls, offices, restaurants, airports and even hospitals. UVHeal SafeAir is designed in such a way that it easily fits into the existing and new ac ducts. This technology does not use chemicals rather it uses UV rays to kill the microorganisms.

best UV disinfection system
best UV disinfection system

Some of the benefits of UVHeal SafeAir are:

  1. The installation is hassle-free and easy due to its modular design.
  2. It uses UVGI or Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology to kill airborne microorganisms.
  3. It doesn’t use any chemicals or leaves any by-products. It uses ultraviolet disinfection to kill pathogens.
  4. It is easy to maintain and has a low operational cost.
  5. It is energy efficient and can be easily controlled with a mobile application.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems

After the second wave, it has become imperative that deadly viruses such as Covid-19 should be eliminated with the help of the latest UVGI technology. In places where it is tough to inlet fresh air, this product helps to clean and purify the air. Its harmful UV rays give all-round protection to all the people in enclosed areas such as employees, customers etc. Among all the commercial Ultraviolet disinfection system used in enclosed areas, UVHeal SafeAir is the safest and provides the maximum benefits for commercial places.

An effective UV disinfection system for enclosed Commercial Spaces

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