Importance of commercial air filter system during pandemics and epidemics

A lot of youngsters and commoners from this generation don’t have the information about all the pandemics and epidemics in the history. This leads them to be unprepared for such a common historical event if they had taken a look back even for 30 to 40 years. We need preventive measures to protect the ignorant and the uninformed.

Commercial air filter system is not only necessary to protect our youth, but also to prevent any more pandemics and epidemics in this world.

Commercial air filter system
Commercial air filter system

Let’s take a look into the top pandemics and epidemics of the world

  1. Spanish flu (1918 – 1920) -> almost 17-100 million people died worldwide
  2. AIDS pandemic(1981- till present)-> almost 36.3 million people died worldwide
  3. Third plague pandemic(1855-1960)-> almost 12-15 million people died worldwide
  4. Russia typhus epidemic(1918-1922)-> around 2-3 million people died worldwide
  5. Influenza pandemic(1957-1958)-> almost 1-4 million people died worldwide
  6. Hong Kong flu(1968-1969)-> around 1-4 million people died worldwide
  7. Cholera pandemic(1846-1860)-> more than 1 million people died
  8. Flu pandemic(1889-1890)-> almost 1 million people died
  9. Encephalitis lethargica pandemic(1917-1927)-> nearly half a million people died
  10. Covid – 19(2019- till present)-> an estimate of 2- 11 million people have died till now

What are the common symptoms caused by all these diseases?

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Bleeding
  • Itches
  • Immunity deficiency
  • Cold
  • Body aches
  • Urination troubles
  • Dental problems
  • Pneumonia
  • Eye strains
  • Osteoporosis
Air disinfectant hospital
Air disinfectant hospital


What are the few preventive measures taken to control pandemics and epidemics?

  • Quarantining themselves inside their home.
  • Use proper clothing to prevent contact with infected objects.
  • Sanitizing almost all objects inside your home.
  • UV filters in HVAC systems inside your home.
  • Health and hygiene gets the prime spot.
  • Utilizing door nets to prevent vectors and other infections.
  • Limiting food, clothes or any other accessories from the outside world.
  • Air disinfectant hospital is necessary to incubate patients.
  • Use medications and supplements to boost immunity.
  • Exercise and meditate to help cope with mental and physical stress.

There is no easier way to get infected by globally recognized diseases than the air you breathe, and getting pure air is becoming harder and harder everyday due to our world’s pollution issues.

It is vital to use new technology to purify the air in your home and workspaces.

Airfic systems are bringing up UVHeal safe air central air conditioning services to prevent any air related disease and infection.

Visit their website today to know more.

Importance of commercial air filter system during pandemics and epidemics

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