Advantages of UVGI in HVAC System

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning. As its name suggests, a HVAC system facilitates heating and cooling in residential and commercial spaces. Since this system is responsible for the circulation of the indoor air in public premises, it is imperative for these systems to employ a technology that doesn’t promote the spread of infections through the indoor air. UVGI is one such technology that helps kill all the microorganisms present in the AC air.

An efficient system that employs this advanced technology in its working is UVHeal SafeAir. It is a revolutionary product that has changed the definition of clean indoor air. It disinfects the air through UV light that not only purifies the air but disinfects it too. UVHeal SafeAir has a modular design and can be easily installed into existing HVAC Disinfectant ducts apart from the new ones, thus making the whole installation process hassle-free.

UVHeal SafeAir uses ultraviolet rays to kill the harmful airborne microorganisms. Most of the harmful microorganisms are circulated via air conditioner vents in compact spaces with numerous people present. As there is no inlet of fresh air in such places, the contaminated air gets circulated in the premises and is inhaled by all the people. This is where UVHeal SafeAir is beneficial. It saves the people from getting infected by a single host by killing the harmful pathogens and disrupting the DNA of the microorganisms preventing their reproduction.

Regular air disinfectants use chemicals and leave residue or by-products which are harmful to the health and the environment. The UVGI technology in UVHeal SafeAir leaves no by-products as it uses ultraviolet rays and not chemicals, to kill germs to disinfect the air.

It is easy to handle with low maintenance involved and operates at an unbelievably low cost. The maximum benefit of this commercial air filter system can be derived in places with huge footfall such as movie theatres, malls, airports, hotels, MNCs, hospitals, etc.

UVHeal can be customized to fit any duct size and gives the highest level of operational reliability. Another key benefit is its energy efficiency so it is quite economical. It can be easily controlled via a mobile app. UVHeal is by far the most advanced air disinfectant in the market to disinfect the air in public places.

Advantages of UVGI in HVAC System

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