Application of UVGI in Ducted System

Technology has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Technological advances act as a problem-solver for people and businesses, and bring solutions to improve the quality of our surroundings. The air around us isn’t just a composition of existing gases but also contains pollutants and pathogens that may severely affect our health. Consistent attempts are being made to restore the quality of outdoor air, but what we often fail to pay any attention to are the impurities present in the indoor air. Sure there are HVACs installed in the residential, commercial, and industrial premises to provide an acceptable quality of indoor air, but there also exists a need for air disinfection systems, especially in hospitals, to prevent and curb the spread of pathogens already existing within the premises.

Pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi/molds present in the indoor air of hospitals can increase the spread of deadly diseases as hospitals are visited by both unhealthy and healthy people (doctors, wards, nurses, visitors, etc.). The ongoing pandemic has made this situation even more critical, suggesting a need for air disinfectant in hospitals to eliminate disease-causing viruses. The UV radiation technology has come forth as a credible option to eliminate airborne pathogens and ensure everyone with safe and breathable air. UVGI (Ultra Violet Germ Irradiation) technology has proved its potential in several sectors like food and water treatment and now stands applicable for air disinfection. 

UVGI works by cleansing the air that passes through the ducts of the central air conditioning systems. The UV rays disinfect the indoor air by destroying the DNA structure of the microorganisms present in the air within seconds, thereby providing germ-free indoor air. One might have concerns regarding the safety of UV radiation and its adverse effects on our health. In this regard, it’s important to understand that the ultra-violet light can be classified into three categories— UV-C (100nm-280nm), UV-B (280nm-315 nm), and UV-A (315nm-400 nm). UVGI method uses UV-C light that is considered to be non-hazardous to destroy the DNA structure of the viruses, bacteria, fungus/molds, and other disease-causing microorganisms. 

UvHeal SafeAir by Airific Solutions is a promising solution that uses UVGI for in-duct air disinfection. The UV air disinfectant system by Airific Solutions is an ideal option for commercial sectors, offices, and especially for air disinfection in hospitals. Breathe tension-free with UVHeal SafeAir.

Application of UVGI in Ducted System

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