How to Disinfect the Air of Your Centralized Air Condition System

Breathing impure air on a regular basis might lead to serious health issues ranging from normal cough and cold to lung failure. Any regular air purifier can purify the air but have you ever wondered if the air that you’re breathing indoors could be disinfected? It is important to not only purify the indoor air but also to completely decontaminate it of the harmful pathogens present in it. This can be made possible by installing a commercial UV system in the centralized AC system. UV rays are the most suitable technology to destroy all the viruses, fungus, mold, or bacteria that we inhale unknowingly with the indoor AC air. In order to keep ourselves safe, it’s important to opt for UV air disinfection.

UV technology destroys any microorganism transmitted via indoor AC air. UV rays inactivate the live cells present in the harmful microorganisms that leads to a bactericidal effect, hence destroying them. These elements are so small in size that it’s impossible to see them with the naked eye. So, they are impossible to destroy with regular means. The UV rays are absorbed by these pathogens which then destroys their structure within seconds.

An effective in duct air disinfectant system like UVHeal can be installed in the ducts of the centralized AC systems and doesn’t need any other structure to be installed. It can be easily fitted inside the existing duct of any HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioner) system. The installation process leads to no additional costs of installation.

UVHeal Safe Air disinfectant system is extremely safe as it doesn’t lead to the formation of any harmful by-products. It doesn’t use any chemical; this makes it extremely safe for our health as well as the environment.

The UV technology employed by UVHeal is by far the most advanced technology for the disinfection of air and has the potential to radically stop the spread of communicable diseases.

UVHeal can be used at any place with a centralized AC system including airports, hotels, schools, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

How to Disinfect the Air of Your Centralized Air Condition System

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