How Does UVHeal SafeAir Destroy Pathogens?

With air quality entering the ‘hazardous’ zone, it won’t be long when clean air would be considered a luxury. Staying indoors is no solution because the microorganism such as viruses, bacteria, and fungus are present in the air. Confined spaces such as offices, malls, shopping centers, schools, colleges, etc. have air conditioner vents. These vents circulate the indoor air and consequently, the microorganisms get transferred from a sick person to a healthy person. As a result, a vast variety of ailments such as headaches, running nose, cold, flu, and other respiratory diseases are on a rise.

Thus, there is an urgent need to disinfect and purify the contaminated air. UVHeal SafeAir, an innovative product by Airific System Pvt. Ltd, is specifically designed to provide clean and purified air in enclosed spaces. This groundbreaking innovation consists of UV-C technology that is the most effective solution to kill microorganisms right at the source of air circulation. Commercial air disinfection systems are a proven technology that contains the UV rays. These rays inactivate the live cells of microorganisms. 

The brainchild of Airific System Pvt. Ltd., UVHeal SafeAir is a futuristic product that can be installed without any hassles and leave no harmful residue. It’s extremely safe for the environment and the people as no chemicals are used. No additional installation cost makes it pocket-friendly and is easy to maintain too. It has an automatic closure feature for safety purposes. It can be customized as per the need and is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

In big MNCs, the buildings are centrally air-conditioned and the inflow of fresh air is restricted, which leads to trapping the air inside the building. For solving this problem, an office air disinfectant is the perfect solution. This amiable technology restricts the spread of communicable diseases. Every system is designed keeping in mind two factors – the exposure time and the UV dosage required to disinfect a particular pathogen. UV Air Duct Disinfection is easier to use and safer than all the other methods of air purification.

How Does UVHeal SafeAir Destroy Pathogens?

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