Now Put An End To Your Fear And Fight Against Omicron With The Best UV Air Disinfection Unit

Human health is going through the toughest challenges worldwide so far. The Omicron has already weakened half of the population of the world. Some more new variants of Coronavirus are likely to come in the future. When humans are finding it difficult to survive, scientists and companies have come up with some innovative technologies that can shield against even the most furious variants of the virus. One of them is UVHeal that makes one of the best UV air disinfection unit in India. UVHeal SafeAir is famous across the globe because of its national and worldwide demand.

UVHeal SafeAir offers a complete range of Industrial Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus within seconds.

UV air disinfection unit | UV Heal Safeair

Here are some features of the UVHeal SafeAir UV disinfection unit.

  • You can install it easily
  • Highest level of operational reliability.
  • Install custom modular designs.
  • Corrosion-resistant light-weight Aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet process for air treatment.
  • Sight Glass Assembly enables visual inspection of the lamp.
  • Continuous disinfection stops the spread of airborne viruses.
  • An efficient system with low maintenance & operating costs.
  • Automatic system shutdown through our intelligent controllers.
  • Seamless integration between AHU & Controller.
  • BMS Integration with dedicated Mobile App Control System
  • Cost of UV disinfection system

Where you should use UVHeal SafeAir UV Disinfection Unit

Install it in the following areas

  • Residential
  • Commercial or Industrial Building
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Food, pharmaceutical, and health centres
  • Hospitals
  • Entertainment, retail shops, and malls

UVHeal™ SafeAir

Get custom design UVHeal SafeAir that lets you live in a virus-free environment.

Our UV experts develop a simulation tool to design your Best UV disinfection system precisely to suit your needs.

Based on the required UV dosage, we select the appropriate size and number of lamps to solve the problem.

Can UV-C kill viruses as well as bacteria?

UV-C de-activates viruses. Its energetic UV-C photons photo-chemically interact with the RNA and DNA molecules in a virus or bacterium to render these microbes non-infectious.

It all happens on the microscopic level. Viruses are less than one micrometer (μm, one-millionth of a meter) in size, and bacteria are typically 0.5 to 5 μm.

For more details, please talk to our expert on 9999941041.

Now Put An End To Your Fear And Fight Against Omicron With The Best UV Air Disinfection Unit

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