A Reliable UVGI Air Disinfectant For Your Commercial Spaces .

It’s been 140 years, since Downes and Blunt, discovered the disinfection properties of ultra-violet light. Later it was proved that UV light can be used to destroy microorganisms. This revolutionary technology was used in UV lamp quartz which was invented in 1904. Today we know it as a Germicidal lamp. 

Air Disinfectant
Air Disinfectant


The UV light destroys the DNA of the microorganisms. The electromagnetic radiation of the UV rays alters the genetic material of the microorganisms and renders them dormant due to this they can’t multiply or reproduce. The UV light can kill drug-resistant bacteria too. It destroys the RNA and DNA of the microbes. 

One of the methods used for disinfection is UVGI. It uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to inactivate or kill microorganisms. It can be used to disinfect water, surfaces and air. UVGI lighting is one way to kill germs.


Best Air Disinfection System

UVHeal Safe Air from Airfic Systems is the best Air disinfection in the market. It is modular in design and thus it’s easy to install in existing and new AC ducts. The process of UV- C air disinfection is very easy. When the air is forced into the irradiated region of a UV disinfection device it gets absorbed by the microorganisms. The DNA and RNA microorganisms are destroyed and many factors that lead spread of infection are reduced. The benefits of installing UV Heal are many.

UVGI Air Disinfection Benefits

  • This product can be installed in the supply side plenum or supply-side duct.
  • This system can be integrated with AHU operations. 
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • It destroys 99% of pathogens that spread infection.
  • Fully licensed and CFC certified
  • UVHeal Safe Air ensures improved air quality

Best UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

UVHeal SafeAir, one of the Best UVGI Air Disinfection Systems by Airfic Systems. UVHeal SafeAir can be tailored as per the requirement of the application. Its quick installation and easy operations provide easy UV disinfection of air effectively, even in hospitals.

The continuous disinfection process and low maintenance along with a dedicated mobile app for the functioning make UVHeal is safe and the best UV air purifier for centralized ACs. It can be utilized for any industrial sector, house, hotels, airports, hospitals and other enclosed commercial areas.

A Reliable UVGI Air Disinfectant For Your Commercial Spaces .
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