Use UV Air disinfection in Hospital for Creating healthy atmosphere for a health

Ultraviolet disinfection in hospitals - It is imperative for hospitals to maintain the highest level of hygiene while providing an absolutely germ-free environment for the patients. Given the present pandemic-ridden circumstances, it has become all the more necessary for the authorities to ensure that there is no contamination inside the hospital building, and to avoid spreading viral or bacterial infection to healthy people visiting the patients and the health workers.

UV air disinfection hospital

UV hospital disinfection - Traditionally, it has been a difficult task to ensure virus-free air in a centrally air-conditioned building where indoor air is recirculated. A failure to maintain UV air disinfection in hospitals might result in a serious health hazards; especially now since COVID-19 has been declared to be airborne.

Managing a well-maintained air conditioning system might play a crucial role in combating this problem by assuring an air disinfected hospital. With UVHeal SafeAir, Ultraviolet air disinfection can be done by the elimination of airborne infections through the germicidal properties of UVC lamps. Besides securing people against deadly viruses and bacterial infections, this system also helps people with respiratory problems by preserving them from unwanted allergies by killing the mold and fungi present within HVAC systems. UVHeal SafeAir "in-duct air purifier" improves the quality of indoor air, UV disinfection for hospitals by ensuring safe and infection-free air for a longer time.

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Ultraviolet disinfection in hospitals

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Hospitals are prone to infections. Cleanliness, sanitization and hygiene are of top priority. This enclosed area also requires germ-free air. UVHeal Safe Air provides the best UV disinfection for hospitals that kills harmful pathogens present in indoor air. It uses the UV - C technology that destroys the microorganism's DNA and RNA, thus restricting their growth. In hospitals, UV disinfection is essential for the health and safety of not only the patients and hospital staff but also people who visit hospitals. UV light disinfection in hospitals is effective as it is chemical-free and does not leave any residue. This innovative technology of UV for hospital disinfection eliminates pathogens to its core.

Why UV Light Air Disinfection is a must for your hospital?

A hospital is visited by a number of patients on a daily basis, including the ones infected with communicable diseases. The common air breathed by all the people present in the hospital premises put the healthy people at the risk of getting infected by breathing the pathogens-laden AC air breathed out by the patients (by coughing, sneezing or other means).

In these circumstances, the UVC technology comes handy as an air disinfected, Ultraviolet UV disinfection in hospitals equipped with this technology can be installed at the AHU of the centralized AC system. It keeps on purifying the AC air by killing all the pathogens as the air is released by the AC. In this manner, only the purified air reaches the people on the premises, which saves healthy people from the infection and purifies the systems of the infected people.

Do hospitals need to use UV light to sanitize the indoor air?

Yes. Hospital premises are visited by a large number of sick and infected people on a daily basis. This factor put the other people present on the premises at a high risk of getting infected through the indoor AC air breathed by them. The application of the UV light in the air sanitizer purifies the indoor AC air without causing any side-effects to the people in the hospital building. It also purifies the AC air being circulated in the building. These features make this technology an ideal choice for hospitals.

How do hospitals use UV light?

UV light disinfection hospitals - Hospitals use the advanced technology of UV light in the AC air UV hospital disinfection systems that are installed in the centralized AC systems. This cutting-edge technology kills the harmful and deadly microorganisms present in the air circulated by these AC systems and provides safe and disinfected air to the people present in the hospital premises.