A Superior Quality Air Disinfectant For Air Conditioners

A superior quality air disinfectant for air conditioners has become a necessity for the modern offices. When a guest or a customer enters your business premises, the first thing you wish is that he should feel comfortable and breathe freely. He must get pure bacteria free air in your office or showroom. Air conditioners have been used for a long time to maintain a certain level of temperature for such indoor premises. Air conditioners create a comfortable indoor environment and maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ). Pandemic has posed a new challenge to air conditioning systems. Now, they have to ensure that air should also be free from microorganisms that spread contagious diseases.

Employees, guests and customers, anybody can be vulnerable to get infected by the deadly viruses, bacteria, fungi and pathogens. An air conditioner disinfectant is required to make work places free from such life threatening microorganisms. UVHeal SafeAir comes as a promising technology of air disinfectant for central air conditioning units.

UV Heal Provide Best Air Conditioner Disinfectant

The air disinfectant by Airific Solution is proficient in killing microorganisms present in the indoor premises by employing UVGI technology. The UVGI (UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation) technology is efficient in destroying harmful microorganisms by using short-wavelength UltraViolet light. The Ultraviolet light is safe to use. This feature of UVHeal SafeAir makes it the best air disinfectant for central air conditioning systems in residential areas, offices, hospitals, commercial complexes, and schools, etc.

Considering its ultra-modern technology, anybody can think that it must be very expensive. In fact, cost of UV light for air conditioners is very less. The UV disinfectant can easily fit into any existing duct size or can be customized as per requirements of the client. So, UVHeal SafeAir is a cost-effective and feasible option for keeping air pure in indoor premises.

Breathe free, without fear with UVHeal SafeAir!

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Cost of UV Light for Air Conditioner

Cost of uv light for air conditioner

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Air conditioner disinfectant, Cost of uv light for air conditioner, Best air disinfectant Being the best air disinfectant for destroying microorganisms, UVHeal SafeAir ensures clean and purified indoor air. This revolutionary air conditioner disinfectant doesn’t use any chemicals. Also the cost of UV light for the air conditioner is reasonable.

How can one disinfect the air of a centralized air conditioning system?

An effective indoor air disinfectant is a must to ensure safe indoor air. The disinfectant must be capable of destroying the airborne pathogens right at the AHU level before they are released into the indoor environment. It’s also important that no harmful by-products should be produced with the usage of the air disinfectant.

Which is the most effective air disinfectant?

UVHeal SafeAir is an advanced air disinfectant system that uses advanced UVC technology to destroy the pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and molds present in the indoor AC air. It doesn’t produce any harmful by-products and makes the indoor air safe for everyone to breathe healthy and free.

Which technology should one choose in an air disinfectant for an indoor environment?

The technology used by an air disinfectant mustn’t produce any by-products that negatively affect people’s health. UV-C rays are one such technology that not only effectively destroys airborne pathogens but is also safe and environment-friendly.